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Petition of Piers de Laneffranke about his Gascon lands

To the King oure soverain lord

Besecheth mekely vnto youre highnesse youre pouere and true liegeman Piers de Laneffranke borne in youre Duchie of Guyenne. Which hath contynuelly horssed and armed assisted in youre werres the space of XIIII yere withoute taking any peny of wages. In which tyme he hath been 4 tymes distrussed and taken prysoner withoute other hurts taken on his body and at the last subvercion of youre [said] cuntre standing prisoner in the hand of youre adversaries the terme of a yere and an half withoute more there refusyng theire obeissance also for drede of dethe he gafe in plegges to lye in hostage til the somme of 317 scutes for his raunson and fynaunce be payde And for the which refusyng he hath left his heritages, goodes and possessions and over that he hath left his kynnesmen, cosyns and frendes and is come vnto this youre royaume to lyfe and dye in youre obeissaunce and howe be it that he hath no thing for the sustentacion of his lyvyng nor for to acquyte his said hostages withoute that youre haboundant grace in this behalf be shewed to hym that hit please youre highnes of youre haboundant goodnes and mercyful pite the premysses tenderley considered to graunte vnto youre said besecher for to pay parcell of his fynaunce and raunson a ~ saufconduyt to be made to certeyn marchauntes and maryners of the partie of youre adversaries such as youre suppliaunt shall name in youre chauncerie for a ship called the Rose of Bayonne of 200 ton tight or underneth whereof is the maister under God Mican de Barade or Berdolyn de Barade with all hir appaurilles and habilmentes necessaries and 50 personys marchaunts and maryners in the said ship for the conduyt saufgarde and defence of the same ship to come and go on marchaundising and to marchaundise with all maner marchaundises leesfull in this youre noble reame of England and ellie where their as best they shal seme, the forsaid saufconduyt to be in strength an hole yere from the day of the making of the same saufconduyt ffor marc and contremarc and in all other due fourine, ffor the love of God and in way of charite.

(Transcribed from English original)

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