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The fate of Simon de Montfort

This image portrays the grisly death of Simon de MontfortGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window, the leader of the baronial reform movement of the thirteenth century. Henry III and de Montfort's supporters went to war in 1264, following their failure to agree on how royal power should be exercised. Although Simon was victorious at the battle of Lewes - when he captured Henry himself and took control of the kingdom - he was killed during the battle of Evesham in 1265. Henry's son, Prince Edward (later Edward I), played an important role in Simon's death and dismemberment by instructing a group of 12 men to kill him.

Reference: British Library Cotton MS Nero D ii, f. 177 (date: late 13th century)
By permission of the British Library.
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The fate of Simon de Montfort
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