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Reward for the capture of Sir John Oldcastle

Be it known to all manner men on our Sovereign Liege Lord's behalf Henry King of England and of France, Lord of Ireland that…as Sir John Oldcastle sometime called lord of Cobham refuse nor will not refrain nor sue to have none of the graces before this time be our aforesaid liege lord granted to all his liege people that hath offended but continued forth in his evil and cursed purpose to destroy this noble kyrke (church) of England and the king and his true liege people. Our aforesaid sovereign liege lord hath granted and grants to what man that he be that takes or may take from this day forth the aforesaid Sir John Oldcastle and keeps and brings him to the King he shall have and be truly paid of 1,000 marks of gold and £20 of our livelihood yearly during his life. And if any city, borough or other town may take the aforesaid Sir John and keep him or bring him to the king it shall be discharged and made free that it shall pay neither quinzysme disme [sic] [fifteenth or tenth - a form of taxation] nor tax during the kings life though any be granted in this land from thence forward. And over that who charge and command or straightly to all the lords officers and all other our liege men that they be helping supporting and strengthening to his taking or his takers whatever that he be or they been.

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