Newly released GCHQ
files: UKUSA Agreement

Files released in June 2010

The files contain details of the recently avowed UKUSA Agreement - the top secret, post-war arrangement for sharing intelligence between the United States and the UK. Signed by representatives of the London Signals Intelligence Board and its American counterpart in March 1946, the UKUSA Agreement is without parallel in the Western intelligence world and formed the basis for co-operation between the two countries throughout the Cold War.

Start by reading our highlights guide (PDF, 165kb) to help you navigate your way through the files.

The fruits of the agreement are illustrated by end-product reports below from the early years of the Cold War. They show the type of material which was shared by the signatories to the agreement and include military intelligence as well as fascinating details of daily life inside the Soviet Union.


View National Security Agency (NSA) - the US intelligence agency - files covering the agreement: (files will be released 14.00 hrs Friday 25 June GMT)

Harry Hinsley, Sir Edward Travis and Brig Tiltman in Washington, November 1945

“I am afraid of leaving the kids here. What about a war, all of a sudden?”

Evidence of the state of mind of a private citizen in USSR - HW75/192

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