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Propaganda: The fighting forces

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"German Submarine U-570" by W.Krogman, 1941. Gouache on board.

German Submarine U-570

"German Submarine U-570" by W.Krogman, 1941

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1533Links to the Catalogue

The image depicts a U-boat surrendering to British aircraft. This image was used in the series: ‘Back Them Up', and extra text identifies the U-boat: “The Capture of the German Submarine U-570 by Lockheed Hudson of British Coastal Command”.

U-570, first commissioned on May 15 1941, was captured by the British on August 27 1941 in the North Atlantic, south of Iceland, after being damaged by a British Hudson aircraft (Squadron 269/S). The trawler Kingston Agathe boarded the U-boat on August 28 1941, and towed it to Thorlaks-hafn, Iceland. There were no casualties, and the boat became the British submarine HMS Graph on September 19 1941.