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Propaganda: Production - salvage

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"Four industrial workers" by Artist unknown, Unknown date. Watercolour on board.

Four industrial workers

"Four industrial workers" Artist unknown, Unknown date.

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1187Links to the Catalogue

A brightly-coloured image of four industrial workers, dressed in appropriate work-gear. In March 1941 CAB 21/156Links to the Catalogue noted that outside the factory the object of propaganda was ‘to create and foster the belief that it is a privilege to be engaged on war work', thus stimulating recruitment.

This image includes an older man, not eligible for war service, and a young woman: conscription for all single women between twenty and thirty was not introduced until the National Service (No 2) Act in December 1941. As in this image, campaigns targeted at women needed to bridge the gap between appearing fashionable and glamorous and being dressed correctly for the job.