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Propaganda: Production - salvage

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"Breaking the Nazi swastika" by Frank Newbould, 1941. Gouache on board.

Breaking the Nazi swastika

"Breaking the Nazi swastika" by Frank Newbould, 1941

Catalogue ref: INF 3/154Links to the Catalogue

An impressive modernist design by Frank Newbould, with elementary imagery of oversized pliers squeezing and breaking down the Nazi swastika. The poster uses an extract from a BBC radio broadcast given by Churchill on 9 February 1941, aimed at President Roosevelt. The speech implied that the British had already proved that they had the will and courage to conduct war against fascism, and all that was needed was the tools, which Churchill hoped the Americans would supply.

Another poster in the series, using the same imagery, used the slogan ‘Tighten your grip' (see INF 13/2/3/20). Advertiser's Weekly described this as one of Newbould's best, and noted that it was ‘now seen in every factory and shipyard in these islands'.