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Propaganda: Personalities

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"Sir Stafford Cripps" by Arthur Boughley, Date unknown, Charcoal and pencil on paper.


"Sir Stafford Cripps" by Arthur Boughley, Date unknown

Catalogue ref: INF 3/60Links to the Catalogue

Portrait of Sir Stafford Cripps. One of the most controversial figures in British politics, Cripps became a committed Marxist in the 1930s. In 1939 he was expelled from the Labour party for urging a united front with the Communists. Sir Winston Churchill appointed him ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1940, primarily due to his left wing credentials. On Cripps' return to England in 1942, Churchill made him Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons. Shortly thereafter he became Minister of Aircraft Production. Cripps was a popular figure amongst the British working classes. Images of such popular politicians and personalities were displayed in many factories to inspire war workers.

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