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Propaganda: Home Front

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"How to fight the fire bomb" by Austin Cooper, 1940-1941. Gouache on board.

How to fight the fire bomb

"How to fight the fire bomb" by Austin Cooper, 1940-1941

Catalogue ref: INF 3/362Links to the Catalogue

The flame-red image depicts a home ablaze, having been hit by a firebomb – an incendiary device designed to cause maximum fire damage on flammable materials and objects, and to provide target illumination for following heavy-bombers. The poster promoted a free exhibition, hosted by the Ministry of Information, which would demonstrate ‘How to fight the fire bomb'.

During the Blitz many fire bombs landed on buildings all over the country, with London hardest hit. Herbert Morrison, the Home Secretary, praised those fire fighting volunteers who had been trying to protect buildings and people all over the country, but called for more with: ‘Fall in the fire bomb fighters!'