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Propaganda: Home Front

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"Urgent call for blood" by W.S.B., Possibly 1943. Gouache on board.

Urgent call for blood

"Urgent call for blood" by W.S.B., Possibly 1943

Catalogue ref: INF 3/281Links to the Catalogue

The image is an ‘urgent call for blood', depicting infantry soldiers advancing amongst a cloud of smoke, and graphically pointing to the official Army Blood Transfusion appointment card. Space is provided for over-printing to allow local centres to provide information on location and/or time, alongside the more general slogan ‘Give your blood so that he may live!'

Blood transfusion campaigns were necessary throughout the war, but Advertiser's Weekly makes special note of campaigns in mid-1943, designed for a national and local level, with a particular focus on blood transfusion weeks to be held nationally – area-by-area. The Ministry of Information prepared material for local drives, including thousands of posters.