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Propaganda: Home Front

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"Pop-Eye the Sailor Man berates Talky" Artist unknown, 1939-1946. Pencil on paper.


"Pop-Eye the Sailor Man berates Talky" Artist unknown, 1939-1946

Catalogue ref: INF 3/251Links to the Catalogue

A Careless talk cartoon, depicting Pop-Eye the Sailor Man, on the dockside, reviving ‘Talky' the dockworker with smelling salts. Many Careless talk campaigns were designed specifically for factories, docks and munitions works, to encourage those working there to realise the value of the information they held.

Pop-Eye was already a popular figure, having been introduced to the public in 1929, in a cartoon strip originally focused on Olive Oyl's family. He soon became the major character one of most recognised and beloved in the world. ‘Talky' may be a play on (J.Wellington) Wimpy, who was ‘lazy, cowardly and selfish', although the government would not have wanted to imply that their workers were any of these things.