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The interactive parts of this resource no longer work, but it has been archived so you can continue using the rest of it.

Propaganda: Allied unity

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"British and Australian soldiers" by Carl Giles, Post 1944, Gouache on board.


"British and Australian soldiers" by Carl Giles, Post-1944

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1349Links to the Catalogue

The cartoon depicts smiling British and Australian soldiers under their national flags pointing bayonets at an unarmed, racially-stereotyped, buck-teeth and ape-like, Japanese soldier. The image is probably post-1944/45 when the concentration of the British war effort moved to Japan, a country that seemed rather distant to the British people. The Japanese war was more urgent to the USA, and of course to the Australians as it was nearer their home turf. A development of this image can be seen in INF 3/1352