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"Linton" ADM 1/14289


Med.Form 1. (Revised February, 1943) (To be rendered in duplicate)


Ship, etc. TURBULENT Date 11 April, 1943. Ship's Reference No.

Full Surname LINTON

Full Christian Names John Wallace

Rank or Rating (state whether R.N., R.N.R., R.N.V.R or R.N.P.S., ETC) Commander, R.N.

Port Division and Official Number

Whether already Decorated (Give particulars and date of publication of award if known) D.S.O., D.S.C.

Whether already Mentioned in Despatches (Give date of publication of award if known) N.K.

Whether previously recommended in present ship (If so give particulars) N.K.

Whether now recommended for award Of Decoration or Mention in Despatches (Reporting officer should write in his own hand the word “Decoration” or “Mention”) The Victoria Cross (Posthumous)

Whether recommendation is for “Immediate”, “Operation” or “Periodic” Award (see M.S.G.O. 352, para. 7) Immediate

Brief description of action or operation : Commander Linton has been in command of submarines throughout the War. He has been responsible for the destruction of 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 20 merchant vessels, 6 schooners and 2 trains. A total of 81,000 tons of enemy shipping sunk. From 1st January, 1942 to 1st January, 1943 he spent 254 days at sea including 2,970 hours diving. During this period he was hunted 13 times and had 250 depth charges dropped on him. His career has been one of conspicuous gallantry and extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy and I submit his name for the award of the Victoria Cross. H.M. Submarine did not return from her last patrol and I regret I have no evidence that Commander Linton and his gallant company have survived.

A B Cunningham Signature and Rank of Reporting Officer ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET.

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