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Illustrations: Caricatures

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"Neville Chamberlain" by Wooping, 1939-1940. Gouache and ink on board

Neville Chamberlain

"Neville Chamberlain" by Wooping, 1939-1940

Catalogue ref: INF 3/46Links to the Catalogue

Caricature of Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister at the outbreak of the Second World War. Chamberlain was gravely concerned about the disastrous effects of leading Britain into another major European conflagration. He became the architect of the ‘appeasement' policy, attempting to avoid war.

Discredited by the failure of his policies and by his belief that Herr Hitler was a man of honour and integrity, Chamberlain was forced to resign in May 1940. He died in the November of the same year.

The artist has a strong and distinctive style though it is not unfriendly. It can be assumed that (s)he sympathised with Chamberlain.



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