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"The use of artillery" by Leslie Ashwell -Wood. Ink & gouache on board.

The use of artillery

"The use of artillery" by Leslie Ashwell-Wood

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1582Links to the Catalogue

This black and white magazine illustration is a stylised view of the use of artillery. It was most likely used to show in a single frame the roles and ranges of the majority of British artillery types of WW2. It is unlikely in reality that artillery would have operated in this way with so many different types and calibres condensed in such a small area. The picture shows a mixture of everything from a rail gun and 8 inch Howitzers to the more ubiquitous 25 pounders and 40mm Bofors anti aircraft guns.

Again the attention to detail in the piece is superb. Of particular interest is the ACV (Armoured Command Vehicle) in the centre foreground of the picture where a message is being passed on to a waiting despatch rider. Note the trailing wire leading to a radio, complete with the Battery commander and his signallers in an observation post in the bushes.

Ashwell-Wood's technical and explanatory drawings were incorporated into various magazines and official publications, which endeavoured to explain to the British public just how the fighting forces and their equipment functioned and operated

He went on to achieve greater fame in the post-war era as the illustrator of the technical drawings that appeared each week in the centre pages of the Eagle comic.