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"Infantry section clearing a house" by Leslie Ashwell Wood, 1939-45. Ink & gouache on board.

Infantry section clearing a house

"Infantry section clearing a house" by Leslie Ashwell Wood, 1939-45

Catalogue ref: INF 3/1579Links to the Catalogue

A black and white illustration of 4 plates showing an infantry section clearing a house. The soldiers blow a hole in the wall of the house with a ‘mouse hole charge' and then clear through the rooms systematically. When one house is clear the troops blast through walls into the next until the whole street is secured.

Note the Bren gun team on the right side of the street, providing fire support for the assault and suppressing depth enemy positions. In plate 4 they switch positions to the left hand side of the street to allow them to engage withdrawing enemy. Note the spent .303 cases and magazines in their first position!

Ashwell-Wood's technical and explanatory drawings were incorporated into various magazines and official publications, which endeavoured to explain to the British public just how the fighting forces and their equipment functioned and operated.

He went on to achieve greater fame in the post war era as the illustrator of the technical drawings that appeared each week in the centre pages of the Eagle comic.