Raymond LAVERDET - born 07 June 1913

October 2008

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Raymond LAVERDET - born 07 June 1913

Raymond Laverdet, a sergeant in the French Army, was recommended for a King's Medal for Courage in the Course of Freedom following his undercover work in Paris during World War Two. After parachuting into France in 1941, Laverdet established contact with communist groups in the French capital. The groups enabled by Laverdet, codename Dastard, carried out numerous acts of small-scale sabotage at the factories.

In January 1942 Laverdet's radio operator is believed to have been arrested but, despite the dangers, Laverdet continued his operation. In July of that year Laverdet narrowly escaped the Gestapo, who searched his home and seized his money and effect; in October he managed to make contact with the American Military Attaché and his exfiltration was arranged.

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