A selection of files recently released at The National Archives

September 2006

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Catalogue ref. Date Description
Records from the Cabinet Office
CAB 21/2933 1938 - 1958 Committee of Imperial defence (CID): constitution and function

Sets out the constitution, functions and history of the committee. The file contains information about planned reforms of the committee after the First World War and ahead of the Second World War. It explains what the war committee would do in a time of war, who the information should be handed to, who was part of the committee and diagrams of the committee structure. It also includes advice on pre-war plans - supplies that had to be stockpiled and prepared such as stretchers, clocks, aircraft instrumentation and compasses.

CAB 195/7 1949 - 1950 Sir Norman Brook Notebook: Cabinet Minutes, CM (49) 1st Conclusions - CM (50) 26th ConclusionsThis Notebook covers the meetings from 12 January 1949 to 27 April 1950 of Clement Attlee's Cabinet. It contains transcriptions of interesting topics such as the National Health Service, the Blood Sports Bill, German reparations, the use of the National Health Service by aliens and the 1950 General Election.
Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office
FO 371/73282 1948 Evidence before committee of enquiry concerning the conduct of clandestine operations in the Netherlands during the war: Allegations of treachery by certain Dutch and British officersLooks at the investigation carried out into General de Bruyne, formerly head of BBO (Dutch SOE) and Major Bingham, a British officer who in the latter stages of the war was head of the Dutch section of the British SOE. Considers allegations of treachery that may have led to the death of agents.
FO 371/17139 1933 POLITICAL: ChinaGeneral correspondence from the Foreign Office in China covering the growing number of Chinese nationals in foreign countries, problems surrounding British American Tobacco and possible monopoly in Shansi, the effect of Indian tariff increases on Asiatic Petroleum Company business in Manchuria and destruction of archives from the Tientsui Provisional Government.
FO 1049/1700 1949 Ruhr: International control part 1Details the discussions between the Allies on what to do with the Ruhr industrial area of Germany. The file also voices the concerns of Germans who claim the aim is 'not the restoration of democracy but the complete destruction of Germany'.
FO 1049/1701 1949 Ruhr: International control part 2Covers further discussions on the Ruhr industrial valley and contains a draft agreement for an international authority on the Ruhr. Contains advice from political advisers on the changing perceptions of the German people and the results of a survey of the German public. A speech by Anthony Eden from 21 January 1949 on the Ruhr Statute is also included.
Records created by the Metropolitan Police
MEPO 3/3090 1949 - 1954 Detective Conferences No.5 and No.6 districtsThis file contains the minutes and related correspondence from Police conferences and a special series on the organisation of the force.  Covers topics such as scientific aids, recent cases, and new equipment, updates on crimes, successes of the Flying Squad (in 1949 they had made 937 arrests and recovered over £171,531, around £2,984,587 in today's money) and other crime statistics.
Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies
HO 45/23787 1940 - 1941 WAR: Miss Anne Valeska Uhlig, daughter of Duchess de Chateau Thierry detained under Defence Regulation 18BUhlig was detained for having hostile associations because of her mother's dubious connections. The file has letters and petitions explaining that she was a lady of good standing and arguing that she should be released.
HO 45/23690 1940 - 1941 WAR: Sidney John Pilling, prominent member of British Union, detention under Defence Regulation 18B

Pilling was held because he was a supporter of a government that His Majesty's Government was at war with. Further investigations revealed that he had made frequent visits to and was in correspondence with people in Germany. He was also close to Mosley and had a picture of Hitler hanging on his bedroom wall. Military Command had the view that 'Southport foreshore is an enemy objective as a landing place for troop carrying aeroplanes for attack on Liverpool, Euxton and the industrial area of Lancashire. They were satisfied that if this did happen Pilling may give support and assistance to this.' He was released on 27 August 1940 to public outcry and under a note of caution that a close eye should be kept on him.

HO 144/1709/425859 1909 - 1921 DISTURBANCES: Suffragette pickets at House of CommonsLooks at the picketing by the suffragette movement around the entrance of the Houses of Parliament and the threats made towards Herbert Asquith the Prime Minister. The file looks at a threatening letter sent by the suffragettes claiming they would shoot Asquith.
HO 383/190 1967 - 1979 STYAL: Annual reportsHighlights the problems of inmates with babies having to share rooms and the impact of this on other inmates who were used to having their own room.
Records created or inherited by the Board of Trade
BT 226/5647 1953 - 1978 Slaughter N known as Tod Slaughter actor, less than 5K

Summarises the activities of Tod Slaughter, a British actor who stared in films such as 'Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' (1935) and 'The Curse of the Wraydons' (1948) around the time of his bankruptcy.