Good Time Girl and the Cuban Missile Crisis

January 2006

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Labour's Home Secretary, James Chunter Ede, tried to censor the film that launched Diana Dors on her screen career. 'Good Time Girl' stared Dors as Lyla Lawrence, a misfit school girl who absconds from a reform school and get tangled up in a spiral of crime that leads to murder. The film was part of the great moral debate that followed the case of Elizabeth Jones who took up with a G.I. deserter and went on trial for the murder of a taxi driver they robbed. In 1947 the Secretary of State for Home Affairs tried repeatedly to get J Arthur Rank, the studio boss, to make drastic modifications to the film. Ede, a former school teacher, felt the film portrayed approved schools - reformatories for juvenile offenders - in a bad light. Go to Discovery to view images

UK War Book and the Cuban missile crisis

Another part of the UK´s War Book has been revealed in a Cabinet Office document (CAB 134/2021). One week after Cuban missile crisis of October 1962, Prime Minister Harold MacMillian ordered a review of the UK´s war preparedness plans. Amongst the improved plans were moves to halve the time in which the UK could be ready for war, discussions about the role of senior judiciary, and the requisition of school buildings.

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