Cabinet Minutes and Memoranda 1972

Cabinet Minutes and Memoranda 1972

The index to Cabinet papers relates to the minutes of the Cabinet's meetings and to the memoranda which were circulated to Cabinet members.

References in the index take two forms:

  • A Cabinet minute is shown like this: 10 (2)
  • A memorandum has the letter CP before the numeral (or numerals), like this: CP 102

All Cabinet minutes for 1972 are to be found in the volume with the reference CAB 128/50.

In addition some confidential annexes are in CAB 128/48, which is divided into five parts. The first is closed until 2020, the second part was opened in 2002 and the third part, relating in part to Northern Ireland, was opened on 1 January 2003. You can also access it in digitised form on on DocumentsOnline.

The fourth and fifth parts of CAB 128/48 are both retained by the Cabinet Office.

The memoranda have been bound into six volumes. The papers are arranged as follows: