May 2003 releases


PFs typically consist of a mix of material, and may contain both regular personnel information (for example, service forms, management assessments, medical reports, leave or discharge papers and photographs) and operational or policy material.

The operational or policy material on agents' files may include reports of their activities overseas, made by them or by colleagues, and, where the agent was lost behind enemy lines, the results of investigations by SOE staff at the end of the war to discover the agent's fate.

The list below contains a selection of documents recently transferred to the National Archives, Kew.

Catalogue ref. Date Description
HS 9/59/2 1939-46 Vera ATKINS
HS 9/114/2 1939-46 Yolande BEEKMAN
HS 9/114/6 1939-46 John BEEVOR

(directed SOE infiltration to Yugoslavia; directed Lisbon mission)

HS 9/114/9 1939-46 George BEGICH

(Canadian Croat, SOE translator)

HS 9/158/2 1939-46 Edward BISSET

 (arms instructor dropped into France, accidentally killed September 1944)

HS 9/237/2 1939-46 Howard BURGESS

(instructor; died of natural causes, June 1942)

HS 9/237/3 1939-46 Olive BURGESS

 (secretary, SOE India; killed in plane crash, Trincomalee, October 1945)

HS 9/237/6 1939-46 Rene BURGRAEVE

 (Belgian postmaster, twice landed in Belgium to collect intelligence)

HS 9/237/7 1939-46 Andre BURGUIERE

(French agent, died in swimming accident while behind enemy lines)

HS 9/251/1 1939-46 Robert BYERLY

 (American dropped into France and arrested on landing, February 1944)

HS 9/251/5 1939-46 Henry BYRNE

(signals officer)

HS 9/278/5 1939-46 Stanley CASSON

(liaison officer with the Greeks)

HS 9/278/8 1939-46 Pasquale CAZZONE

 (Italian considered but rejected for service, interned in Entebbe)

HS 9/379/8 1939-46 Pierre CULIOLI

 (French resistance fighter, imprisoned at Buchenwald after capture in 1943, but survived the war)

HS 9/451/6 1939-46 Andre DUBOIS

 (French W/T operator recruited in the field, arrested in November 1943 and later killed)

HS 9/453/7 1939-46 Philippe DUCLOS

(French agent dropped to a compromised circuit in February 1944, arrested on landing, killed by September 1944)

HS 9/554/1 1939-46 Henri Hubert GAILLOT

(Belgian agent planned sabotage in Brittany but arrested in February 1944)

HS 9/554/4 1939-46 Norah GALBRAITH

(FANY with SOE headquarters)

HS 9/554/8 1939-46 Luigi GALGANI

(Italian anti-Fascist; transferred to PWE India Mission, 1942)

HS 9/566/2 1939-46 Emile GARRY

 (Lieutenant in Suttill's Prosper circuit; arrested September 1943, killed at Buchenwald, 1944)

HS 9/566/8 1939-46 Charles GASKELL

(liaison officer with Russian NKVD; killed in plane crash, November 1943)

HS 9/648/1 1939-46 Paul HALLEY

(Canadian linguist, operational officer, SOE India, killed in car crash, December 1944)

HS 9/648/4 1939-46 Odette HALLOWES
HS 9/648/7 1939-46 Edward HALTON

(wireless operator, India)

HS 9/653/2 1939-46 Julius HANAU
HS 9/653/4 1939-46 William HANCOCK

(engineer, SOE Middle East)

HS 9/653/6 1939-46 Thomas HANDLEY

(w/t operator, Greece, captured and killed after attack on Corinth Canal)

HS 9/691/1 1939-46 Boris HEMBRY

(saboteur behind enemy lines, south east Asia; walked out of the jungle)

HS 9/733/4 1939-46 Clara HOLMES

(intelligence agent in pre-war Austria, worked propaganda into Germany and Austria until the fall of France and then worked for SOE Austrian section)

HS 9/773/3 1939-46 Max HYMANS (resistance leader, former French Under-Secretary of State)
HS 9/815/4 1939-46 Clement Marc JUMEAU
HS 9/836/5 1939-46 Noor Inayat KHAN
HS 9/852/1 1939-46 William Arthur KNOX

(commando, killed in action on Crete, March 1944)

HS 9/900/1 1939-46 Stephen LEAKE

(liaison officer in Albania, killed in enemy air raid)

HS 9/900/2 1939-46 Wallace LEAPER

(liaison officer)

HS 9/954/2 1939-46 John Kenneth MacALISTER
HS 9/965/8 1939-46 John Ali MacKINTOSH

(worked under commercial cover in Turkey, died of typhoid in January 1945)

HS 9/965/9 1939-46 Stanley MacKINTOSH

 (36 military mission, India, died of typhoid, June 1945)

HS 9/976/3 1939-46 Jean MAHIEU

(Belgian pilot, considered but not used by SOE)

HS 9/976/6 1939-46 William MAILER

(liaison officer, Malaya)

HS 9/976/9 1939-46 Amedee MAINGARD
HS 9/1011/2 1939-46 Edward MAYER

(temporary officer at SOE HQ, posted out May 1943)

HS 9/1011/4 1939-46 James Andrew MAYER

(Madagascan w/t operator, dropped into France February 1944, arrested in May and killed, September 1944)

HS 9/1110/5 1939-46 Gilbert NORMAN
HS 9/1110/8 1939-46 Fridtof NORMANN

(Norwegian agent, sent on a mission, November 1942, missing presumed killed)

HS 9/1430/3 1939-1946 George SUTTON

(courier, worked to set up secret arms dumps in the UK against possible German invasion)

HS 9/1430/4 1939-46 Gerald SUTTON

(engineer, worked on design of SOE secret weaponry)

HS 9/1430/6 1939-46 Francis SUTTILL
HS 9/1430/8 1939-46 Franz SVANDERLIK

 (Austrian exile, considered but not used by SOE)

Most of these files contain regular personnel and recruitment papers, reports of training assessments and photographs of the subjects.