6 March 2003 releases

Catalogue ref. Date Description
AIR 2/19119 1972-73 Records created or inherited by the Air Ministry, the Royal Air Force, and related bodies: UFO's: 'Man Alive' programme, BBC 2 television. Investigating UFO sightings over MOD property. Good explanation of the phenomena of sightings - e.g. fire-cones of jet effluxes apparently hovering and then moving sharply away. Several mentions of 'cranks and fanatics', and of 'a gentleman who…holds a government certificate of proficiency in the more exotic branches of xenoglossy and speaks fluent Uranian or Plutonian'.
BA 27/152 1964-70 Records of the Civil Service Department:

House of Commons members: contributory pension scheme.

CO 968/121/4 1944-45 Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, and related bodies:

Connection between subversive Negroes and Negro organisations. Discusses the connections between American black activist organisations and so-called "subversive" elements in Britain's African colonies. Gives some insight on the London view of these activities against their wartime background, and features quite a bit of detail on MI5 and MI6 involvement in monitoring the main players. Includes copies of some Paul Robeson material (not originals).

DO 161/334
DO 161/335

1963-66 Records of the Dominions Office:

Demise of the Crown. These "Demise of the Crown" files consider the arrangements for the death of the monarch and calling the Privy Council to make the accession proclamation - a procedure complicated since 1952 by the expansion of the Commonwealth and the increasing number of non-monarchical Commonwealth states.

FCO 7/1634
FCO 7/1635

1970 Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:

Possible legal proceedings against Bobby Moore (England football captain) for alleged theft. Correspondence on the arrest of footballer Bobby Moore in Colombia for theft of a bracelet from a hotel jewellery store.

FCO 49/90 1967 Procedures in event of demise of the Crown.
FCO 49/92 1967 Procedure for notifying the Commonwealth in event of illness or demise of Crown.
FCO 49/220 1967-69 Arrangements in event of '"demise of the Crown".
FO 924/1616 1966 Records of the Foreign Office:

Chile: visit of UK student to Chile. Details the British Embassy's thoughts about Jack Straw and his leadership of a disastrous National Union of Students trip to Chile in 1966.

HLG 115/995 1972-73 Records of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and predecessors and successor:

Poulson Affair: Aycliffe and Peterlee Development Corporations; implications to the corporations following bankruptcy of Poulsons; investigation into the activities of Mr Dan Smith, former chairman of corporations.

HO 401/22 1950-51 Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies:

Refusal of Belfast Harbour Commissioners to allow importation of Category C explosives by the Admiralty.

IR 40/18184 1943-72 Records of the Board of Inland Revenue:

Consideration of the payment of post-war credits to the defector Donald Maclean. Initial suggestion by the Inland Revenue to "mislay the papers" to avoid paying Maclean.

PREM 4/46/4b 1942 Records of the Prime Minister's Office:

Reported attitudes in the United States to British policy in India.

PREM 11/2474 1958 Prime Minister's letter to the Queen

of 12 July, expressing sympathy for her illness, and describing developments in connection with, the central organisation for defence, the importation of textiles from Commonwealth countries, and pensions funding.

PREM 11/2475 1958 The Queen's letter

of 14 February, and the Prime Minister's letters of 23 January (from New Zealand) and 14 February. The 23 January letter describes his visits to India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Singapore; the 14 February letters are of a courtesy nature.

PREM 11/3088 1960 The Prime Minister's letter to the Queen

from Southern Rhodesia, of 18 January, describing his visits to Ghana and Nigeria.

PREM 11/3478 1961 The Prime Minister's letters to the Queen

of 27 March describing his meeting with the US President in Florida to discuss the Laos situation; of 5 April describing the Laos situation and his visit to the West Indies; and of 12 April describing his impressions of the US President and the US Administration, the Laos situation, his visit to Canada, and other government business.

PREM 11/4440 1963 Correspondence between Prime Minister and HM The Queen -

 reference to the Profumo Affair.

SUPP 6/939 1948-52 Records created or inherited by the Ministry of Supply and successors, the Ordnance Board, and related bodies

- Effect of blast on aircraft.

T 276/48 1960-61 Records created and inherited by HM Treasury:

Civil List Expenditure on Royal Weddings: Princess Margaret (6 May 1960) and the Duke of Kent (8 June 1961).

T 276/90 1937-63 Duchy of Cornwall Annual Accounts.
T 276/ 91 1960-65 Quarterly abstract of Royal Household expenses Sept 1959-Dec 1964.
T 295/844 1971-72 Rhodesian illegal declaration of independence 1965:

United Kingdom policy of economic sanctions.

T 295/863 1971-72 European Economic Community:

implications for United Kingdom of proposal for monetary and financial harmonisation. Discussion of implications of European Monetary Union (ERM). Contains debate about the difficulty of achieving harmony in business and banking practices amongst member states.

T 295/877 1968-72 Remittances of royalties and other payments to traitors living abroad.

Moral judgements into use of exchange control to prevent payments to traitors such as Guy Burgess, Donald MacLean and A.M. Wright.

T 295/887 1968-72 Treasury history on sanctions against Rhodesia.
T 317/1644 1969-72 Settlement of claims between India, Pakistan and the UK.
T 317/1653 1969-72 Debtor countries:

withholding of aid to induce countries to settle debts.

T 317/1664 1965-72 Reparation of distressed British subjects

who leave Rhodesia following unilateral declaration of independence.

T 317/1655 1970-72 UK agreement with Cyprus

on financial aid and disposal of surplus War Department lands after March 1965; includes papers on Golden Sands.

T 317/1670 1970-72 Egyptian compensation:

loans made to British subjects after the Suez incident.

T 317/1721 1970-72 Rhodesia:

effect on the economy and cost to the UK of sanctions.

T 317/1730 1971-72 Afghanistan:

requested debt moratorium.

T 317/1735 1971-72 United Nations Organisation:

finance of peace and security in Cyprus.