24 July 2003 releases

July 2003

Catalogue ref. Date Description
Records created or inherited by the Welsh Office
BD 108/187 1976-79 Constitution of Welsh Assembly:

pay and conditions of service for Assembly members.

BD 108/262
BD 108/263

1976 -77 Possible locations for Welsh Assembly:

presentation given to MPs and the media.

BD 108/297 1977 -81 Estimated cost of devolution.
BD 108/39 1977 -78 Scotland and Wales Act 1978:

publicity arrangements and press reporting.

Records created or inherited by the Department of Health and Social Security
BN 62/3087 1952 -53 Manchester Jewish Board of Guardians, Sarah Laski

Home, St Mary's Road, Crumpsall, Manchester: opening of the home by Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, Home Secretary.

BN 62/3090 1962 -67 Norwood Home for Jewish Children

(Jewish Orphanage), Knight's Hill, West Norwood, London: establishment and registration of various family group homes.

Records created or inherited by the Property Services Agency
CM 44/8 1982-85 Falkland Islands:

correspondence relating to the construction and opening of Mount Pleasant Airport.

Records of the Colonial Office and related bodies
CO 936/788 1965 Gibraltar.
Records of the Boards of Customs and Excise
CUST 118/628 1960-73 Duty Free Cigarettes for Research Purposes

and general policy on tobacco duties: trade representations; correspondence with Treasury and Tobacco Advisory Committee; revenue effects of smoking and health; cigarette advertising indexed.

CUST 148/2 Undated Portcullis emblem by R C Jarvis:

Historical notes on the Portcullis emblem by R C Jarvis, Librarian, HM Customs and Excise (written between 1945 and 1965).

DEFE 13/1032 1970-71 Disarmament:

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT).

DEFE 68/138 1971-72 Security threats:

espionage and sabotage; Nicholas Anthony Prager.

DEFE 68/16 1961-67 Admiralty collection of pictures by William Hodges

(1744-1797) recording Captain Cook's second voyage to the South Seas 1772-1775.

DEFE 68/28 1970 Race Relations Act 1968

- conduct; policy.

DEFE 68/44 1969-70 Civil Service recruitment:

conscientious objectors.

Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and predecessors
FCO 26/551 1970 Attitude of the United States of America to entry by the UK into the EEC.
FCO 26/568 1970 Visits to UK from Belgium in connection with UK entry into EEC.
FCO 26/770
FCO 26/771
FCO 26/772
FCO 26/773
FCO 26/774
FCO 26/775
1971 Co-ordination of publicity regarding UK entry into EEC.
FCO 26/779 1969-71 Attitude of Labour Party towards UK entry into EEC.
FCO 26/796 1971 Activities of organisations opposed to UK entry into EEC.
FCO 26/822 1971 Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs:

Radio interview with Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Sir Alec Douglas-Home in Federal Republic of Germany.

FCO 47/640 1972 Evacuation planning

for civil emergencies in South Vietnam.

FCO 47/641
FCO 47/642
FCO 47/643

1972 Expulsion of Asians holding UK passports from Uganda:

Action to be taken.

FCO 47/644
FCO 47/645
FCO 47/646
FCO 47/647

1972 Safety of UK community in Uganda.
FCO 47/648 1972-73 Crisis in Uganda 1972: contingency planning.
Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office
FO 371/29790 1941 Evacuation of pro-British Balkan nationals.
FO 837/218 1941-44 List of undesirable seamen.
FO 371/149167 1960 Ruling family of Kuwait.
FO 371/26972 1941 Landing ground at Gibraltar.
FO 371/27002 1941 Spaniards who might be expelled from England.
FO 371/27007 1941 Anglo-Swiss commercial relations.
FO 371/27124 1941 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
FO 371/27135 1941 Rumour of revolt in Palestine.
FO 371/27185 1941 Propaganda and S.O. work in Persia.
FO 371/27201 1941 Germans in Persia.
FO 371/27446 1941 Vichy propaganda and activities in Egypt.
FO 371/27552 1941 Publicity work in occupied enemy territory.
FO 371/28185 1941 Movements of General de Gaulle's personnel.
FO 371/28200
FO 371/28201
FO 371/28202
FO 371/28204
FO 371/28208
FO 371/28210
1941 Movements and activities of French ships:

seizure by British Government: consultation between Churchill and Roosevelt.

FO 371/28212
FO 371/28213

1941 Recognition of General de Gaulle by H.M. Government:

liaison between H.M. Government and Free French Movement: financial and credit agreements between H.M. Government and Free French Forces: Spears Mission.

FO 371/28215
FO 371/28216

1941 Franco-German relations:


FO 371/28261
FO 371/28262

1941 Messages for General de Gaulle.
FO 371/28332 1941 Free French forces:

Transmission of private correspondence for Free French forces.

FO 371/28336
FO 371/28338
FO 371/28339
FO 371/28340

1941 Free French Movement:

Attitude of French diplomats and officials towards Free French Movement.

FO 371/28362 1941 Propaganda in favour of General de Gaulle.
FO 371/28422 1941 Activities of French consuls

and their attitude towards Vichy.

FO 371/28548 1941 Tin - de Gaullist organisation in France.
FO 371/28550 1941 M Marcel Homet.
FO 371/28591 1941 Sabotage by S.O.E. of British and Allied ships in French African ports.
FO 371/29405 1941 B.B.C. broadcasts to Finland and Sweden.
FO 371/29887 1941 Evacuation of the Greek Royal Family and Government.
FO 1110/189 1949 Meeting with George Orwell;

progress report from RIO(S); paper on Communist Strategy in South East Asia - previously released file which now includes a re-inserted extract - a list by Orwell of alleged Communists.

Records created or inherited by the Home Office
HO 346/189 1959-64 Aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.

Procedures for handling publicity in the event of a crash in the United Kingdom of a United States aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.

Records of Special Operations Executive
HS 9/1508/7 1941-42 Laurence van der Post SOE personnel file.
HS 9/466/6 1940-43 Aubrey (Abba) Eban SOE personnel file.