Music score with 'secret writing'
Catalogue reference: KV 1/74


CHORUS 2nd time

Step on to the ladder of love,
It's a step in the right direction.
Each step on the ladder of love
Leads to the land of affection.
Be in time, start to climb,


.......If you could only send me some money I could get my brother who is in the Navy to give me all the Navy movements, he could be most valuable (but) he would want money for it. I expect in 2 weeks to be an interpreter at least I have good hopes and then can give you much information, like I am doing now is very difficult. The people know nothing and they say very little, one must be in the thing one's self then you can get good and valuable information.
I will now send you a telegram with my new name and address please telegraph me the money it is safer! The newspaper trick is found out and very carefully watched.

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