Fighting the Bolsheviks in North Russia
Catalogue reference: 30/71/4

46th. R. Fusiliers
N. Russian Relief
August 15th 1919.
Dear Mother,
     Have just got 7 letters from you of all dates. Thanks awfully for them all. Can only write a scribble. As you will have seen by the papers, we had a most successful show & pretty well wiped up the Bolsheviks on the Dwina. I had command of the furthest column & had to do 10 hours march through the forest & swamp round the flank. Got into position all right & attacked my village which we got after an excellent fight having good odds against us. The Bolos fought well & we had quite a job turning them out of a cemetry which was well defended with M.Gs. I took 102 prisoners, 4 field guns & a lot of machine guns. I lost 3 officers out of my company - two killed & 1 wounded otherwise casualties being slight. Am now a long way on ahead & the Bolos are well away. William's co[mpan]y: comes up to give me a hand to-night. I haven't seen him for a week, when I marched out from behind our then front line. Most interesting show. Have a very mixed crowd with me - infantry, guns, trench mortars & Cossack Cavalry, but they all fought jolly well. Lost my 2nd. in Command killed early in the attack. Awful bad luck. Had been wounded 6 times in France. I am the only officer in my Coy, who hasn't been hit as I had one killed & one wounded in a raid a short time ago. The rains have set in & we got drenched to the skin, but are now gradually drying as we live in houses. Rotten having to fight among women & children, as some must get killed. They take a great interest in us. Williams, Prendergast & young Peter Williams all all right. Am very hard up for cigarettes, & hope Ldy Fulton's turn up, but have heard nothing of them so far. Of course I will write & acknowledge them when they do come. Lady MacDonnell has sent out lots for the men & some food parcels for our mess. I heard from Annie MacD. by the last mail too. Very sorry to hear about Pat Warneford being killed. No more news now. Will write again when we get relieved.
                 Lots of love from your loving
                             son Guy.

      Thank Meta for her letters, also K. please. Guy.

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