British support for 'Whites' in Siberia
Catalogue reference: WO 158/741


Omsk.                                                                                                                 18th January 1919.

Early in December of last year a training School for Officers and N.C.O.s of the Russian Army was established on Russian Island near Vladivostok. The organisation of the School was much assisted by the equipment supplied on a generous scale by the British Mission and by the active co-operation of British instructors. From the very beginning, the work of the School has shown excellent results, and it gives in all respects an excellent impression of solidity and soundness.

In establishing the School and in furnishing it with all the necessary equipment, General Knox of the British Army has shown the most enthusiastic interest and his work and guidance in this direction has been immense and invaluable.

On December 24th, General Knox, as Chief of the British Military Mission, presented the School, as a gift from the British Army, a special Standard. This Standard was a Russian flag on the front of which was the image of Saint George and on the reverse the motto of the School - "For Faith and Fatherland".

Such deep interest, such sincerity, so much disinterested work and so enthusiastic a desire to help and support us in our time of trouble, fills our Russian hearts with feelings of joyous comradeship and deep gratitude to our Ally, the victorious British Army and to its most worthy representatives.

In General Knox, whose name is well known in Russia, we Russians recognise a real friend of our country and our Army who, by his labours, his knowledge and his authority, has assisted us on many occasions.

In years to come Russia and the Russian Army will not forget these labours and the noble services of our true friends in the dark days the country is now going through.

In the name of the young Russian Army, and from myself personally, I herewith express to General Knox, and through him to the British Army, our deepest gratitude and thanks.

The Standard that has been presented to us is to be honoured and preserved as a military emblem and respect is to be paid to it according to the existing regulations.

Admiral (signature)           Kolchak

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