Application for exemption from military service
Catalogue reference: MH 47/62 no. M 5648

(handwritten) Duplicate given to N.S.R. 8-8-18.
(handwritten) M 5684
                      4        [?]
Date when application received by Tribunal
(To be entered by the Clerk)
R. 186.
Name of Tribunal Number of Case
(The attached duplicate must also be filled by the Applicant and should not be detached.)
Any person making a false statement or false representation is liable to imprisonment.
1. Man in respect of whom application made:-
The man must be a party to every application for his exemption and must sign this form in the appropriate spaces at the end.
Name (in full) Douglas Archibald Alfred Merry
Years of age last birthday 30 Date and year of birth November 22nd, 1887
Medical grade or category Grade 3 Date of last examination April 8th, 1918
Married or single married If married, date of marriage July 31st, 1911
Only one original application (or one application for the same renewal of a certificate) can be made for a man and all the grounds, whether occupational or personal, on which exemption is claimed must be stated in the application.



Regional number, if known   If voluntarily attested, state so  
(f) Present address (in full) 20 Queens Avenue, Church End, Finchley.
(g) Address on National Registration Certificate
- do -
(h) Occupation, profession or business. (Give full and exact details.) Wine Merchant's Manager.

Address (in full) of place of employment


16 Princes Parade, Church End, Finchley.
2. Whether engaged in the same or a similar occupation before 15th August, 1915. If so engaged, (a) the precise occupation.
)   In my employ over 8                years.
  (b) How long employed in the occupation before 15th August, 1915 )
  (c) Name and address of last employer when so employed before that date )
3. (a) Name of present employer if any Frank Snell
  (b) Address (in full) 16, Princes Parade, Church End, Finchley, N. & Bowes Park, and Southsea.
  (c) Business Wine Merchant.
4. Nature of application - State what exemption is applied for and whether the application is an original application, or one for the renewal, variation or withdrawal of a certificate, or for a rehearing.
Renewal of exemption.
5. Ground on which application is made. (it will be sufficient to enter the appropriate letter or letters - A, B, C, D, E, F or G, see footnote on back of duplicate.)
A.B. & D.
6. Reasons in support of the application. (It is most important that the reasons should be fully shown. The reasons may be continued on a separate sheet if necessary. If this is done, a second copy must be provided. Any documentary evidence in support of the application should be forwarded herewith.)
          Mr. Merry is the only man of my original staff let, the others having joined without appeal. He is in charge of my branch at Church End, Finchley, and is taking the place of my own son who is serving and is really now my only responsible employee, and as my business produces considerable sums for the Revenue, and he was originally rejected and is now only a Grade 3 man, I respectfully apply for his further exemption.
          Since August 1914 he has been serving as a Special Constable in addition to which he is doing Fire Brigade work.
6. (Continued.)
7. Whether any pervious application has been made (i) by the man or (ii) by an employer or other person in respect of the man, and, if so (a) the Tribunal which finally decided the case; (b) the decision given; (c) the date when the exemption ends; and, if the exemption has ceased to be in force for any reason other than the expiration of the period for which it was granted, (d) the reason why it has ceased to be in force.*
Last application by Appellant to Appeal Tribunal on 20th April 1918, when written exemption till August 8th was granted.
8. If the application is for the renewal of a certificate, state whether there has been change in the conditions or circumstances in respect of which the last exemption was granted. (It is important that any change should be fully stated.)*
9. (a) Signature of the applicant if other than the man himself. (If applicant is the National Service Representative this should be stated).
          (Please write distinctly.)
(handwritten) Frank Snell
  (b) Address (if not already stated.)
10. Signature of the man (The man must sign in every case unless the application is made by the National Service representative.)
(handwritten) Douglas A A Merry.
11. Date of application.

25th July. 1918.


12. Decision of the tribunal.    To be signed and dated    If exemption is granted, it should be stated here and on the certificate - (a) the ground or grounds on which it is granted; (b) the date, if the certificate is temporary, on which it will expire; and (c) the conditions, if any, on which it is granted.           (It is most important that all the grounds should be stated.)
(handwritten) Exemption 4 months.
To continue in Sp: Constabulary
& Fire Brigade & report monthly.

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