Aid for victims of the Armenian massacres
Catalogue reference: FO 371/2488 no. 123491


c/o E.T. Broadhurst Esq.
N. B..

Aug.[ust] 28. 1915.

My dear Asquith

I write to you because I hear that Edward Grey is going away on a short holiday, which he badly needs.

Terrible accounts reach me through various channels, each confirming the others, of the suffering of the Armenian population of the region round Van and between that city and the Russian frontier. The Turks and Kurds have been massacring the whole Christian population of these regions, and a vast host of refugees has been pouring, homeless and helpless, into Russian Transcaucasia. There are several hundreds of thousands now in and around Tiflis, absolutely destitute, perishing from want and disease. The Russian Government has been giving help, and some of us in England have been collecting all the money we can to send out money and medical appliances. But what we can thus raise is a trifle compared with the need, and private benevolence whether ours or that of the Armenians in Europe, cannot cope with the appalling gravity of the situation. Would it not be possible for our Government, and that of France, to make a grant towards the relief of this misery? Even £20,000 or £30,000 would do much, and the moral effect would be great in giving some sort of cheer to a people which has suffered more than any other during this war, for they have lost everything; & women & children have been the chief sufferers. All the men who have escaped are, I believe, fighting as volunteers in, or with the Russian army; and they have rendered great services to the Allied cause: I will supply you with all the information I possess if you wish for details.

Ever yours

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