Naval officer's service record:
Louis Mountbatten
Catalogue reference: ADM 196/123

Naval abbreviations used in this document include:
addl   additional (duties, training etc.)
CW   entry made by the Commission and Warrant branch of the Admiralty
DL, D/L   Admiralty records reference
staff course
  watch keeping
W/T   wireless telegraph

NAME:   The Lord Louis Mountbatten# KG, KCB, GCVO, DSO, (USA) DSM
H.S.H. Prince Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas of Battenberg             #(see note below under SPECIAL REPORTS OR SERVICE)
(Gaz 13.6.46) Viscount
Viscount Mountbatten of Burma KG, GCVO, KCB, DSO

(Gazette 28/10/47) Earl Mountbatten of Burma, KG,  GCB, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, KCB, DSO

# Note.    D/L 22/3/52 gives KG, PC etc. (Naval Secy) see page 233.
Gazette 28/10/47:   Earl Mountbatten possesses also the title of Baron Romsey, of Romsey, but has elected to be known as Earl Mountbatten of Burma. (Information from Central Chancery (via H & A) by telephone) (30.10.47).

Dates of Orders and Commissions

Rewards and Distinctions
Special Attainments &c
15th July 1916 Midshipman MVO (5th) Gazette 15/10/20
Exam Seamanship 2cl. 474/600 marks 5/18
Navigation 1cl. 559/650 marks 2/21
for Gunnery 1cl. 542/600 marks 6/21
Torpedo 1cl. 391/400 marks 1/21
Lieut. Engineering  cl.    marks
Qualified S/Co 3/26
Act Sub Lieut 15 May 1918 to date 11/10/20 6/33 passed Prelim French + German CW6645/33
15th Jany: 1919 Sub Lieutenant KCVO Gazette 18.7.22 CW 1283/34 Qualified as Interpreter in French. January 1934
15th Jany: 1921 Acting Lieut Commander Order of St John of Jerusalem Gaz. 1/1/29 CW6973/36. Qualified as Interpreter in German. June 36
15. Apr. 1920 Lieutenant CW 5767/36 Apptd Personal Naval Aide-de-Camp to HM King Edward VIII 23/6/36 (Gaz 23/6/36)  
15 Apr 1928 (CW 3910/28) Lieut Comdr Appt'd Personal Naval Aide-de-Camp to HM King George VI (Gaz. 29.1.37) Camb Course 1cl. 3/20* (see note below under SPECIAL REPORTS OR SERVICE)  
31 December 1932 Commander CW.11309/32 Awarded KCB (Gazette 29.1.37) CW 7111/25 Long. (S) Cse
3243.3/3450 1st cl. 7/25
30 June 1937 Captain (CW 6851/37) GCVO (Gazette 29.1.37)       
2 Jan 1946 Rear Admiral CW 93244/45 Mention in despatches Gaz 9/8/40 CW 4749/26 s/co 777/1000 3/26  
22 June 1949 Vice Admiral (CW 9445/49) DSO Suppl. of L Gaz 1.1.41 Awarded Star of Nepal 10.5.46
(MO 1705/46)
27th January 1953 Admiral (CW 70/53) Mention in Despatches Gaz Sup 21.3.41 Grand Cross (Mil.) of the Order of George I
Gazette 5.11.46
22nd October 1956 Admiral of the Fleet (NCW 11495/56) MC (second class) Gaz 28.4.42 (Greek Order) Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
Gazette 3-12-46
  CB Gazette 21.9.43 Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands
Lion (Gazette 13/1/48)
  KCB Gazette 10.4.45 CW 2702/53 Apptd as one of the Personal ADC to HM the Queen (Mar 1953)  
  Special Grand Cordon of the Cloud and Banner Order Gazette 10.4.45 Knight Grand Cross Order of the Bath 9.6.55 Gazette  
  (USA) DSM Gazette 9-10-45    



# On his father relinquishing his title as a Prince of Battenberg and accepting a Peerage by the style of Marquess of Milford Haven, Earl of Medina and Baron Alderney with the surname Mountbatten -
June 1917 -28.6.18 application for S/M service noted - granted permission to visit Switzerland       A Teleg [?] of 18/1/19

# Did not attend exam. at end of course in Mch 1920. Class awarded on work during course - CW 8565/20. Honourable mention in war.
Course essay at Cambridge Course - Granted W/K certificate 27.11.20 - Recommended for promotion to Acting Lieut 28/12/20 -Appln for Long course in signals noted 17/7/22 - Placed on Half Pay for 3 months in order to visit USA 27.9.22 - Appln for long course in signals noted 27/4/23 - Appln specialise signals & W/T noted 30/4/24 -
18.2.24 CW - Placed on HP from 23.8.24 till 30.9.24 for purpose of proceeding to USA with HRH Prince of Wales - CW 8157/25 Surveyed at Haslar 24/8/25 -suffering from septic tonsils and a nasal spur - sent on 28 days sick leave for operative treatment - Resurveyed Med Dept 21/9/25 - CW 8900/25 Surveyed at Haslar 21/9/25 and found fit - CW 11034/25 appln Masters Cert to BOT 2.12.25 - Cert issued 10.12.25 - Passage o'land to Malta 30.12.26 for "Warspite" - understood that conveyance by train de-luxe being arranged privately, Govt paying usual rates - D of ST TM 12/1926/A1 - Stated in Press of 5/5/30 he sustained broken collar bone playing polo at Gosport MDG 6125/31 - sick on shore (10/6/31)
Injury ankle - 14 days - MDG 6416/31 - Remains (17/6/31) - 7 days -

M 233/33 - TL's appreciation for services in re-broadcasting of King's speech Xmas 1932 to Medn Fleet.
CW 5969/33 Officer to be given permission to study French abroad if he passes prelim. examn in that language.
CW 3583/36 Applies to take exam for Interpreter in German June 1936. Noted for exam, and granted permission to study German in own time -
CW. 616/37 - Appointed personal Naval Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty. 1/37. CE 2618/37. Appointment to NAD extended until 30/9/37.
CE 5514/37 - Appt extended beyond 30/9/37 on tempy basis - Cw/mo 1041/39 - To attend one week's course for Higher Commanders of the Army at Aldershot commencing 23.4.39 - to attend Adm[iralt]y for one day (20.4.39) prior to course - Mentioned in Despatches - for courage initiative and devotion to duty (Gazette 9/8/40).
CW Awarded DSO for outstanding zeal, patience and cheefulness - Gaz Supp 21.3.41 Mentioned in Despatches for good service and devotion to duty. CW 16349/42. Granted the Honorary rank of Lieutenant-General in the Army whilst employed as Chief of Combined Operations with effect from 18/3/42. Gazette 28.4.42.

Awarded Military Cross (Second Class) conferred by the King of the Hellenes in recognition of services in the Battle of Crete -
MDG. 17258/43. Reported sick on shore 2.4.43. CW 22737/43. Considered fit for general service 17.5.43.
MDG. 43556/43. Adm to Royal Masonic Hosp 6/9/43. MDG 43556/43. Disch 10.9.43 to his own home. Remains sick on shore. CW 41224/43.
Resurveyed Med. Dept. Admiralty 22.9.43. Found fit for general service.
Gazette 10.4.45. Awarded KCB for distinguished service as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia - Gazette 10.4.45. Awarded Special Grand Cordon of the Cloud and Banner Order, conferred by the President of the National Government of the Republic of China - Gazette 9.10.45. Awarded DSM (USA) for outstanding service as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia Command, during the period 16th November 1943 to 17th May 1945 -

Awarded Star of Nepal 10.5.46 (M.01705/46) Gazette 13.6.46. To be Viscount (Birthday Honours) - Gazette 5.11.46. Awarded Grand Cross (Military) of the Order of George I. bestowed by His Majesty King George of the Hellenes for services during the war - Gazette 3-12-46 appointed Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter - The appointments of GMSI and GMIE were automatically bestowed on (the then) Viscount Mountbatten when he assumed his duties as Viceroy of India, i.e. on 24/3/47. On relinquishing these duties the appointments were amended to GCSI& GCIE operative from the same date. None of the these appointments has been gazetted (Information from Central Chancery - via H & A - by telephone 30/10/47) - Gazette 13.1.48. Granted unrestricted permission to wear the Grand Cross of the Order of the Netherlands Lion bestowed by the Queen of the Netherlands for service rendered to the Royal Netherlands Navy during the War -

Gazette 28/8/47. Appointed as Governor General of India -

Gazette 9.6.55. Awarded GCB (Birthday Honours)

Date and Place of Birth 25th June 1900 Date and Place of Marriage 18/7/22 St Margaret's Westminster SW
Name and Profession of Father

Admiral HSH Prince Louis of Battenberg
the Marquess of Milford Haven

Name of Wife Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley
Date of Appoint-ment
Date of Discharge
Date of Report
If not of Temperate Habits
Special Knowledge or Acquire-ments (Languages, Drawing, &c)
If re-commended for advance-ment (a) in due course (b) specially
Name of Officer who made the Report
Training Estabs      5.13 15.7.16    11.16 Sat Ab Av    German   V zealous. Keen Intelligent. Promising. Capt Chatsfield
Lion    15.7.16 15.2.17    20.6.18 Sat Ab av       (a) Very keen and intelligent. Recd for submarine. Capt Chatsfield
Queen Elizabeth    15.2.17 22.7.18    11.20 Sat Ab av       (a) Zealous & shd make a gd offr but requires more experience. Plenty of common sense if he wd use it but is too casual. R/A Halsey
Victory for TCC in Vernon    22.7.18 2.8.18 completed course                
Victory for P.31    5.8.18 10.10.19    7/24 Sat above av     (b) Zealous. Interest of service at heart. Cdr Sedgwick
President addl for courses at Cambridge University   10.10.19 20 4.3.20   30/6/29 Sat W/T Ab av
Visual av
    (b) Gd ldr, gd influ. Av tact. Make a good st off. Outstanding technical knowledge of W/T. (Admiral Dutton concurs). Capt Whitworth
Renown   4.3.20 1.11.20   1.1.30 Sat above av     (a) Exceptional lecturer, keen on W/T & instructing in that subject. Full of ideas, mostly excellent. Takes an interest in the men. Loyal & exceptionally hard working. VG leadership. Capt Salmond
Excellent addl for T course in Vernon for rank of Lieut   2.1.21                    
reapptd on promotion   15.1.21 23.6 5.21                  
Repulse   19.45.21 25.9.21                  
Renown addl for spec ser asADC to HRH the POW   26.9.21 21/6/22                  
Victory for UT not exceeding 6 mos   13.7.22 9.7.22                  
Half Pay (3 mos)   27.9.22                    
Victory addl to resume former period of UT   11.12.22 9.1.23                  
Revenge addl + on joining   10.1.23 13.8.24                  
Victory addl for UT   21.8.24 22.8.24                  
Victory addl for long (S) course   1.10.24 18/7/25                  
Victory (S) addl (deletions) for signal school   19.7.25                    
President addl for Adv (S) cse at RNC Greenwich   24.9.25                    
To join   23.9.25 26/3/26                  
Victory for UT   3.4.26 6.4.26.                  
Centurion addl as Flag Lt toVice Admiral Sir Rudolph Bentinck KCMG, CB and as (S) & W/T officer, Reserve Fleet   7.4.26 4.10.26 supd                
Victory for UT   13.10.26 21.11.26                  
Victory addl for Signal School addl t[emporar]y   22.11.26 14/12/26                  
Walspite addl & as Asst Fleet W/T officer   14-12-26 30/11/27                  
Queen Elizabeth (S) addl as Asst Fleet W/T off on transfer of Flag   1/12/27 7/6/28                  
Stuart (S) addl
& (S) addl for (S) & W/T duties in Flotilla on joining
  9.8.28 23.6.29 supd                
Victory (S) for Signal School
via Staines
  19.7.29 18.6.31 supd                
Queen Elizabeth addl   7.8.31 30/10/32                  
& as F lieut W/T offr. V. Wylie joining.   23.8.31                  
Resolution addl [?]   31.10.32 2/4/33                  
Reapptd on promotion   31.12.32                  
Queen Eliz as F lieut W/T offr on transfer   3/4/33 26/6/33 supd.                
President addl for 4 months (study in France)   15.8.33 13/12/33                  
Victory addl for Tactical Cse (DL of 29/12/33 "Amended")   ?17.1.34 19/3/34 DL of 20/12                
Daring addl.(deletion) V. Fellows   6.4.34 16/12/34                  
& in CMD.   29.4.34                  
& as Interpreter in French          .34                  
Daring in comd & as Int in French on recomg   25/10.34                  
Wishart in comd on transfer & Interpreter in French   17/12/34 28/4/36 DL 30/3 Supd                

President addl. for duty inside Admy with DNAD addl. for period not exceeding 6 mths (DL 30/6)
(CE 4049/36).

CE5514/37 Appt. extended tempy beyond 30.9.37




supd. D/L 16/12

Continued Page 233

Victory addl S.O. Tech. Crse

& President addl SOWC (DL 19/7)


8 8 38

8 10 38



NAD 1219/37.                
Victory addl for Practical Investigation DL. 16/2   27.2 39 19/4/39                  
President addl duty outside Admty DL 4/4   20 4 39 29.4.39                  
Pembroke addl for Kelly (deleted) & Kelly in Cmd on Comg.   27.6.39   Suppl from Kelly 23/5/41                
Trials & Service & as Capt (D) 3rd flot v. Talbot (DL 12/4)   39                  
20/9 Kelly 1/C in continuation as as Capt D 5th Destroyer Flotilla   14.9.39   cancelled DL 44/7.                

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