Field general court martial
Catalogue reference: WO 71/599

Not more than six names to be entered on one form.
Date 12th September 1917. No.
Name of Alleged Offender (a)
Offence charged
Finding, and if Convicted, Sentence (b)
How dealt with by Confirming Officer

No. 626. Corporal Jesse Robart Short. 24th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

Endeavouring to persuade persons in His Majesty's Regular Forces to join in a mutiny, in that he at Etaples, on the 11th September 1917, endeavoured to persuade a Picquet not to listen to their officers but to lay down their arms and go with him and referring to the Officer in Command of the Picquet, said to the Picquet, "you ought to get a rope, tie it round his neck with a stone and throw him into the river," or words to that effect. Not Guilty Guilty. To suffer death by being shot. [word and signature not clearly legible]

Confirmed D.Haig. FM 30 Sep.17

(a) If the name of the person charged is unknown, he may be described as unknown, with such addition as will identify him.

(b) Recommendation to mercy to be inserted in this column


[handwritten signature not clearly legible]

Convening Officer.

K R Balfour


24th. Northumberland Fusiliers.


Ist. Witness:-

          Capt. E.F. Wilkinson, 8th. West Yorkshire Regiment, states:-
      On the afternoon of the 11th. instant, I was in charge of a Picquet of 150 armed and 50 unarmed men on the Bridge over the River Canche leading from ETAPLES to PARIS-PLAGE. At about 9-15 p.m. about 80 men marched towards the Bridge from ETAPLES, some of them armed with sticks and notice boards. The Picquet failed to stop these men from crossing the Bridge.
           The accused detached himself from this Party and while I was addressing my Picquet and remonstrating with them for failing to stand-fast the accused started haranguing them. Referring to me he said " you want to put a rope round that Buggar's neck tie a stone to it and throw him into the River", and he told the men that they should not listen to me. Within a few minutes I was able to get the accused arrested.

(signature)             E F Wilkinson Capt.
(handwritten) The accused declines to cross [examine] this Witness.

2nd. Witness:-

2nd. Lieut. C.D. THOMPSON, 11th. West Yorkshire Regiment, states:-
          On the 11/9/1917 I was one of the Officers with a Picquet on the Bridge over the River Canche leading from ETAPLES to PARIS-PLAGE. Between 9 and 10 p.m. the Accused started interrupting Capt. WILKINSON, who was talking to his Picquet, and among other things he said to the Picquet "Don't listen to that bloody Officer" and told them to come along. Referring to Capt. WILKINSON he said, "that Buggar ought to have a rope tied round his neck with a stone on it and be chucked into the River".

(signature) [Charles] D. Thompson

(handwritten) The accused declines to cross examine this Witness.

K R Balfour Maj. Presdt. F Ellis (unclear)



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