Eric Skeffington Poole:
general court martial
Catalogue reference: WO 71/1027

D 2
  The evidence of
the witnesses
for the defence,
including that
of the accused,
if he, is a
witness, will
be taken here
in the order
in which they
give evidence.
The accused 2 Lt Poole being duly sworn states:-

            I joined 11th West Yorkshires about the end of May 1916. I had been in the trenches several times before July 1916. About July 9th I went into Hospital suffering from shell shock and I was sent down to Etaples. I was there for three weeks & was then sent to the Canadian Convalescent Home at Dieppe. I rejoined the Battalion about Sept 1st when they were in the trenches at PLOEGSTREEP. From there I went with the Battalion to the Somme.
          Since I have had shell shock I at times get confused & I have great difficulty in making up my mind. I was in this condition on October 5th.
           I did not realize the seriousness of not going up to the front line on Oct 5th. I went to an aid post as I had a slight touch of rheumatism.

By the Court (deletion)

I went away about 5 Jan - I did not leave anyone in charge of the platoon and I did not tell anyone I was going away. [.....]


  (stamp) Adjutant General's Branch of the Staff. No. ... Date... Army Form
A. 2.

*N.B. - The form being
applicable to any Board of
Officers, or Committee, or
Court of Inquiry, this blank to be filled in accordingly.

The proceedings should
be signed by each Officer composing the Board, etc.

Catalogue reference:CEEDINGS of a* Medical Board
assembled at In the field
on the 3rd December 1916
by order of A. G., G. H. Q.
for the purpose of enquiring into the mental

state of 2nd Lieutenant E.S. Poole

11th Battn W. Yorks Rgt.


Lieut Col H.G.Martin R.A.M.C.



Major G.F. Shechan R.A.M.C.
Captain F.G. Crookshank M D R.A.M.C.


The Board having assembled pursuant to order, proceed to
examine 2nd Lieut E.S. Poole 11th Battn W. York Regt.
The Board is of opinion that he

(a) was of sound mind and capable of appreciating the
nature and quality of his action in absenting himself without leave
from his unit on October 5th 1916, and that such act was wrong.

(b) Is now of sound mind.

The Board is also of opinion that his mental powers are less
than average
  (underlined by hand). He appears dull under cross-examination, and
his perception is slow.


H G Martin         President
Lt Col R.A.M.C.

G F Shechan
Major R.A.M.C..
J G Croockshank
Capt R.A.M.C.





  Sentence. Death
The Court sentence the accused,

2/Lieut. E. S. Poole 11th West Yorks Regt.

To suffer death by being shot

Signed at Poperinghe this 24th day of Nov. 1916

O J Dowson 2/L
47 Div Train Cmdg:
Judge Advocate
H.Gordon B.G.
70th Inf[antry] B[riga]de
President G.C.M.

(signature)D. Haig, Genl
6 Dec: 16


Promulgated and extracts taken in the field this 9' day of December 1916.

(signature) H.W. Knowles. 21st Acting Adjutant
11th West Yorks Regt.

Sentence duly carried out at Poperinghe at 7.25 am on December 10th. 1916

(signature) Major
A.P[?].M. 23rd Division


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