Anne Maude Ellwood:
application to National Service Department
Catalogue reference: WO 398/69

(stamp) 28 APR 1917 (handwritten) Accepted G.C.
(handwritten) 1 week

For Official use only.               (handwritten) 33

(handwritten) W.E. 15853


National Service Department.

N.B.-The preliminary offer of Service recorded below will in no case be regarded as a final enrolment. Offers from women who are able and willing to work away from their homes (See question 18) are those which are most urgently required.

1. Name in full (Mrs. or Miss)
Miss Annie Maude Ellwood.
2. Permanent Postal Address
139, Albion Street, Leeds.

3. Age and Date of Birth
Age 21
Born Jan. 10, 1896

4. Place and Country of Birth.
Staveley, Nr Kendal, Westmorland, England.
5. Nationality at Birth.

6. Present Nationality.

7. Whether Single, Married, or Widow.
Number of Children.
8. If not Single, state Nationality of Husband.
9. Father's Nationality at Birth.
10. Mother's Nationality at Birth.
11. Father's Occupation.
Bobbin Turner.
12. (a) Particulars of Education both at School or University.
Elementary Education.
       (b) At what age did you leave School. 14
13. (a) Particulars of any other Training, stating Certificates held.
Since leaving the Elementary School I took a course of Commercial Training with the International Correspondence School, Kingsway W.C. & hold their certificate of proficiency in Commerce Arithmetic Single and Double Elementary Book-keeping, Business Office Methods & Business Correspondence.
       (b) In what capacities do you offer your services.
For general clerical work or book-keeping.
14. Previous Experience (Dates and Salaries received). I have been doing general clerical work including book-keeping for the last nine months at the rate of 20/- per week.
15. (a) Your present Occupation or Profession? Clerk
      (b) How long have you followed it?
Nine months
16. Give the Names and Addresses of two British Householders with permanent addresses who have known the applicant for two or more years, but are not related to applicant, to act as References.

(a) Mayor, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion, Barrister, Physician, Solicitor or Notary Public).

Acquaintance dating from year

(b) Lady.

Acquaintance dating from year

Rev W. Chaplin,
Staveley Vicarage,
Nr Kendal, Westmoreland.

1896 (All my life)

Miss Marshall,
Scroggs Bridge, Staveley, Nr. Kendal.


17. Name and Address of Head of College or School, recent Business Employer, Head of Government Department, Secretary of Society or some other person who can be referred to for a report on your qualifications for the work selected.
R. P. Baker Esq, Secretary, International Correspondence School, Kingsway, W.C. When mentioning my name please add the letters and no. G. B.183035
18. Are you willing to serve anywhere you may be required? Yes.
19. Are you willing to serve:-
      (a) With pay. Yes
      (b) Without pay. No.         
20. Date after which you will be available for employment.
I shall be available in a week after notification. Though I am daily expecting to be thrown out of work with a firm of Theatrical Printers who are partly closing down on account of the new paper restrictions.

         If it is not possible to use your services in connection with the Auxiliary Services of the Army, are you willing to be used for other work of National importance should you be so required?
Yes, but prefer to work in connection with the Auxilary Services of the Army.

          An offer of service can in no way be regarded as a final enrolment.

 I hereby declare that the above statements are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date    March 10, 1917


Usual Signature     A.M. Ellwood.


This Form should be filled in by the Applicant and returned to -
Women's Branch,
National Service Department,
St. Ermins Hotel,
London. S.W.
N.B. -  Applicants are urged not to give up any present employment until they are called upon to do so by the Director.

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