Italy joins the war
Catalogue reference: FO 371/2375

May 21 11am

D[ra]ft: tel[egram] from the Prime Minister to St. Salandia to be sent when the formal adhesion of Italy to the Declaration of Sept 5th is published (en clair).

At this great moment, I desire to express to Your Excellency the happiness felt by H. M. Government and by the people of Great Britain that the long standing friendship between our two countries has ripened into a more intimate relationship.
The Italian people have always stood for freedom and for the great ideals of humanity, and today we rejoice in their decision to participate in the struggle, which the nations upholding these ideals are waging to preserve them from utter destruction.
Now that the will of the Italian people has been so clearly expressed, I know that the valour of the Italian Army and Navy will make the achievement of final victory more speedy and more sure.
We are proud that Italy has joined the Allies and that the decision has been taken under Your Excellency's auspices.

I think this excellent telegram might be sent when war is declared.

21 MAY 1915.

E.D. Prime Minister approves. Send in his memo when the proper moment arrives.

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