German White Book
Catalogue reference: FO 371/1992

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on the outbreak of the Franco-Russo-German War

According to material presented to the Reichstag

Northern Publishing Firm
R. Hieronymus, Neumünster/Leipzig



Telegram from the Imperial Ambassador in St. Petersburg
to the Imperial Chancellor,
27 July 1914

Military attaché reports discussion with War Minister:

Sazonov asked the latter to inform me of the situation. The War Minister gave me his word of honour that no mobilisation order has as yet been issued. Provisional preparatory measures have been taken, but no reservist has been called up and not one horse has been commandeered. If Austria were to cross the Serbian border, those military districts directed against Austria - Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Kazan - would mobilise, whereas those on the German front - Warsaw, Vilna, St. Petersburg - would not mobilise under any circumstances. Peace with Germany is urgently desired. There was a shrug in response to my question about the purpose of mobilisation against Austria, and diplomacy was referred to. I told the minister that the friendly intentions were valued here, but that mobilisation directed at Austria alone could be regarded in itself as very threatening.


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