Tsar appoints himself commander-in-chief
Catalogue reference: 30/57/67


General Head Quarters
Russian Army
30 - August [19]15.


Dear Lord Kitchener,

I telegraphed you last night on the question of the Command here, though it may be difficult to help us out of what - if it comes off - will I fear be a grave error of judgement. I repeated my telegram to you - to the Ambassador at Petrograd as the matter was one in which I considered it right he should have as full information as possible.

I am told that the G[rand]. D[uke]. got a short note telling him he was appointed Governor of the Caucausus and that this the news was broken to him as gently as rumour always says the news of Lord Roberts' removal from the W.[ar]O.[ffice] was broken to him! -

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