Fall of Przemysl: despatch and photographs
Catalogue reference: WO 106/1122 and 1123


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The impression caused on the Austrian's field army by the fall of the fortress was colossal, and far reaching, at first disbelief - followed by heart felt relief - "Thank heaven - the war will now soon end" -. Up to this point, the ostensible reason for the Austrian operations on the Carpathians had been the relief of [blank]. From now onwards it is the defence of Hungary - a vast difference.

          One cannot help feeling that that there is much disgraceful in the surrender of this fortress, enormously strong by nature and every known device, an impression heightened by the behaviour of the Austrian officers, an air of complete indifference an utter lack of all national pride or even shame, and complete callousness, as regards their men. All this is borne out by their behaviour in the field.
          I have seen them in the field, and here sitting all day long in cafés, sleek, well fed, and complacent, while their men wander along the street, half starved and ragged, begging bread from passing Russians, who with their invariable kindness of heart always give. There are of course many exceptions, but the mass [of Austrian officers] is contemptible - effete - degenerate. I did not see them fighting at the beginning of the war, when they fought better, but now the men are half hearted, their one desire is - peace at any cost.
(signature) J.F. Nielson Capt.
10 Royal Hussars

Photograph number 3 ( handwritten caption) Steel turret completely destroyed

Photograph number 4 (handwritten caption) Steel turret, note mark where Russian shell had landed.

(signature) J.F. Neilson Capt.
10 Royal Hussars.

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