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Catalogue reference: GFM 33/1544 no. EO37850

Not for the press!

Berlin, January 4 February 1924



The journal The War-Guilt Question, the monthly periodical for international enlightenment which has been published since 1 July last year, has been highly regarded at home and abroad. Those experts and journalists working in the 'war-guilt question' domain see its continuation as an urgent requirement. The journal reaches almost all foreigners who are distinguished in this field. Discussions with eminent foreigners have resulted in the convergence of contrasting viewpoints. This journal is the only one that devotes itself exclusively to purely factual debate on the war-guilt question. There are close ties with other journals serving the same purpose such as the Historical Review of the World War, Towards Truth, Foreign Affairs, The Nation, the Bulletin of the Central Commission for Neutral Investigation of the Causes of the World War, the New Historical Review and the International Review.

The continuation of the journal is no longer possible if active financial help is not immediately secured.

Foreign countries would not understand if the journal were to collapse right now, when prospects for debate on the war-guilt question have taken a favourable turn. The change in England, the emergence of the war-guilt question in America, the imminent publication of the final series of great record publications and the tenth anniversary of the outbreak of war are moments that make increased activity on the war-guilt question essential.

That is why we ask that in the interests of the war-guilt question movement, the journal be supported privately, according to means.

Help can be given:

a) by a one-off donation
b) by ordering an annual subscription costing 40 marks
c) by ordering one or more normal subscriptions at 8 marks for inland or 10 marks for abroad
d) by giving the journal names of people to whom we can send this appeal, referring to your communication
e) by you promoting this appeal yourself among your own circle of friends
f) by placing advertisements

Please address payments to:

Central Office for Research into the Origins of the War,
for the attention of Alfred von Wegerer, Post Office Giro Account 51412


Bank Delbrück, Schickler & Co. Berlin, Mauerstrasse 61/65, Account B

[On behalf of the] Society and Central Office for Research into the Origins of the War:

Raschdau, retired Ambassador

Count Max Montgelas

Alfred von Wegerer, Editor of The War-Guilt Question


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