The New Army
Catalogue reference: WO 32/11341

To the Lords Lieutenant of Counties and Chairman of the
Territorial Force County Associations
War Offices,
London, S.W.
7th August, 1914.

          In the present grave emergency the War Office looks with the utmost confidence to you for a continuance of the invaluable help which you have given in the past.
          I therefore desire to invite your co- operation in the work of raising the additional number of regular troops required at once for the army.
          It is intended to enlist as soon as possible 100,000 men, and I would ask you to use your great local influence and that of the Territorial Associations to secure these necessary recruits as soon as possible.
          The men will be accommodated in camps established at or near the existing regular depots to which intending recruits may be sent, the camp nearest the place from which they are drawn being selected.
          No responsibility for clothing or equipping the men will devolve upon County Associations; this will be arranged by the military authorities.
          Members of the Territorial Force may be enlisted, provided they fulfil the prescribed conditions as to age and physical fitness.
          Territorial Force units that are at full strength will not recruit additional men until the 100,000 men are provided, but should any of their numbers desire to join the regular forces now being raised, their place in the Territorial unit should be filled as soon as possible by men desirous of joining the Territorial Force only, and not the regular army.
          Territorial units available for foreign service will naturally not be affected by this recruiting of regular troops.
          Such is the general outline of the scheme, in the furtherance of which you are desired to co-operate as far as possible.
          It is not an ordinary appeal from the Army for recruits, but the formation of a second army, and it is hoped that you will be able to assist in getting the men in every way in your power.

I am,
Your obedient Servant,
Kitchener (handwritten)

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