RAF support in Battle of Amiens
Catalogue reference: AIR 1/168/15/160/3

Fourth Army No. G.S.2/10.

5th Brigade R.A.F.

The important part played by the 5th Brigade R.A.F. in the battle of the 8th August has filled me with admiration, and I desire to express to all ranks my sincere appreciation of the invaluable assistance they have rendered in winning so decisive a victory.

The action of low flying machines on "Z" day, though it entailed heavy casualties, had a serious effect in lowering the enemy's moral and inflicting actual losses, as is shown by captured documents. The damage done by bombing squadrons both by day and night, the reports of the contact patrols, and the constant and hazardous work of the artillery machines had a very marked influence in bringing about the unqualified success of the operations.

I have been particularly struck by the vigour with which the balloons were rapidly pushed forward in close support of the firing line and the valuable assistance they rendered to the staff and to the artillery.

I desire to express to all ranks of the R.A.F., and especially to pilots and observers (including the balloons), my warmest thanks for their conspicuous gallantry and prowess. In no battle of the war have they taken part with greater success in dealing with ground targets, or with more credit to themselves in combats in the upper air, and I offer one and all my very hearty congratulations on their splendid performances.

(signature) H Rawlinson


H.Q., Fourth Army,
16th August, 1918.
Commanding Fourth Army.


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