Officers recommended for promotion
after Jutland
Catalogue reference: ADM 1/8461/154

Enclosure in Home Fleets letter No. 1609/H.F. 0022 of 15 July, 1916.
ACTION ON 31 MAY - 1 JUNE, 1916

COMMANDERS to CAPTAIN.        (Number allowed - 8).


Name. Ship. Seniority.
Walter Lingen Allen. BROKE. 30 June, 10.
H.M.S. BROKE was very badly damaged and casualties enormous, but the morale seems to have been unshaken and the ship was successfully steamed back to port.
Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes-Sempill, VALIANT. 31 Dec. 10.
A very able executive officer, who had the arrangements for fire, repair and other parties extremely well organised and who was of great help throughout the action.
Joseph Charles Walrond Henley. MARLBOROUGH. 31 Dec: 10.
Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports:-
          Commander Henley rendered me very valuable assistance as my flag-commander during the action, and has done very valuable work in the gunnery training of the squadron. He is a most excellent and capable officer. He has served as my flag-commander and second in command of my flagship during the past five years, and was of the greatest assistance to me in the occupation and administration of Scutari in 1913. He has been previously recommended for promotion by me.
Edward Astley Rushton. SOUTHAMPTON. 31 Dec: 10.
Displayed great promptitude and powers of leadership, especially during and after the night action of 31 May, in which SOUTHAMPTON suffered considerably in casualties and damage. Was skilful and resourceful in effecting temporary repairs in a rising sea. Strongly recommended.
Berwick Curtis. ABDIEL. 22 June 11.
Carried ut an operation on the night of 31 May-1 June with conspicuous skill, gallantry and success.
George William McOran Campbell. OBEDIENT. 31 Dec: 11.
Throughout the various actions handled his division with great ability, sinking an enemy destroyer with his divn. Attacked enemy battle squadron in company with flotilla and undoubtedly assisted in blowing up one enemy battleship.
Arthur Goodenough Craufurd. TIGER. 31 Dec: 11.
The captain of the TIGER reports that he cannot speak too highly of the valuable and untiring work of this officer between decks under the most painful and trying conditions.
Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett. LION.     (Staff). 30 June 12.
Admiral Sir David Beatty reports:- "Was most valuable in observing the effect of our fire, thereby enabling me to take advantage of the Enemy's discomfiture."
- 2 -

NOTE. - I have placed Commander Plunkett in the list as he is third in the order of recommendation from the Vice-Admiral Commanding, Battle-cruiser Fleet. I am, however, strongly of opinion that he is too junior to be promoted over the heads of so many deserving officers and suggest that no officer of less seniority than 31 December, 1911, should be promoted. If their Lordships concur in the opinion, I then recommend Commander Francis Arthur Marten, seniority 31 Aug: 1911, of the GALATEA in his place. This officer is fifty on Sir David Beatty's list, the fourth being Commander the Hon: @ Arthur Charles Strutt, seniority 30 June 1913, who is, however, twelve months junior to Commander Plunkett. If approved, I submit that Commander Plunkett should be noted for early promotion.

Francis Arthur Marten. GALATEA. 31 Aug: 11.
Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports:-
Was of great assistance to the Commodore, 1st Light-cruiser Squadron throughout the Action. The work of the light-cruisers was very much to be commended.
Guy Charles Cecil Royle. MARLBOROUGH. 15 Mar: 14.
Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports:-
It was entirely owing to his organisation and work that the ship fired so extremely well, quickly and accurately, during the action, especially so after she had been struck by a torpedo and took up a considerable list. He is a very efficient and capable officer.
Geoffrey Charles Candy. KING GEORGE V. 15 Aug: 12.
Strongly recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Jerram for his work in connection with the W/T of the squadron.
Henry Purdon Boyd. TEMERAIRE. 31 Dec: 10.
Recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee for valuable work.
Richard Wyville Bromley. WARRIOR. 1 Oct: 10.
Remained exposed outside the conning tower and in spite of being wounded in leg, arm and neck, took his captain personal reports of the various damages suffered and got the ship in tow afterwards.
Paul Whitfield. NOMAD. 1 Oct: 10.
(Now prisoner of war in Germany).
In command of NOMAD, made a most gallant attack on the enemy battle-cruisers, after having assisted to drive off an enemy flotilla which was endeavouring to attack our battle-cruisers. NOMAD was disabled by shell-fire from the enemy battle-cruisers and subsequently sank.

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