Foch's orders for Allied attack at Amiens
Catalogue reference: WO 158/29

G.Q.G.A. 28 July 1918

Commander in Chief
of the Allied armies

General Staff




I. - The aim of the operation is to free Amiens and the Paris-Amiens railway, and to attack and push back the enemy stationed between the Somme and Avre.

II. - To achieve this, the covert offensive in the north via the Somme is to be pushed as far as possible in the direction of Roye.

III. - It will be executed by:
1) The IV British Army, initially of a strength of 12 divisions and 3 cavalry divisions, supported by:
2) The I French Army, reinforced by 4 divisions, operating one on the north, the other on the south of the Route de Roye, once the opening south of the Luca and east of the Avre has been secured.

F. Foch

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