Registration of the
Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association
Catalogue reference: CHAR 4/12 f494

(handwritten note)
Registration particulars
corrected to 17 Feb 1930
(See note on original sheet).

(handwritten) Alteration Sheet No. 1.


C. 7.

1. Name of Registration Authority The Council of the County of Brighton.

2. Name of the Charity The Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association.

3. Date of Establishment 18th April 1926.

4. Precise objects of the Charity To foster social intercourse and comradeship among limbless Ex-Service men: To encourage members to help one another over the difficulties of artificial limbs so that hope may be installed in the less fortunate by seeing the results attained by those who have succeeded: To promote lectures on artificial limbs and appurtenances: To advise members on all matters relating to pensions.

5. Address of the Central Office 185, Lewes Road, Brighton.

6. Name and Address of the Secretary George Lewis Kohlbeck, 81, Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton (No occupation at present)

7. Name and Address of the Treasurer Alfred Watson, 29, Riley Road, Brighton (No occupation at present)

8. Full Names, Addresses and Descriptions of the Chairman and two other members of the Committee
George Simcock, 62, The Avenue, Moulsecoomb, Brighton (Electrical Meter Calibrater) (Chairman)
Mr. Frederick Smith, 61, Ladysmith Road, Brighton (No occupation at present) (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Charles Day, 22, Freehold Terrace, Brighton (No occupation at present)

9. Name and Address of Bank Barclays Bank Ltd., 144, London Road.

10. Name and Address of Auditor Mr. Wallace, A.C.A., Certified Accountant, 58, West Street, Brighton.

11. Date of Application for Registration 4th June, 1926.

12. Date of Registration 29th July, 1926.

13. Date of Removal from Register

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