Influenza pandemic: East London
IWM 96/3/1


34 Byron Rd
[London] E.17

October 28 /1918

My Dearest Welsh
                    Just another to keep you going & trust it will find you well again Im afraid news are somewhat slack as Ive not received any more letters yet from you dearie but hope to soon
                    Things here are in a terrible state this new fleu as they term it is quite a plague & taking people off as they walk along the streets in fact the undertakers cant turn the coffins out or bury the people quick enough there's families of 6 & 7 in one house lay dead its really terrible dear & makes one quite nervous of going out nearly every house along here the doctors are in constant call but thank God so far we have escaped & I do pray that we shall be spared from having it for your dear sake I had a dose in July & don't want it any more Ive not been out with Ruby for nearly a fortnight as she's been down with Chickenpox but she's going on O.K. but how she caught [it] is a marvel to me

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