Senussi revolt: British camel corps

Photograph of British troops loading up camel transport at Es Sollum during operations against the Senussi, April 1916.

The revolt of the Senussi tribesmen in North Africa in November 1915 provided an unexpected challenge to the Allied war effort. Italian troops were unable to extend their control into Senussi-controlled areas of Libya, where Sufi (the mystical tradition of Sunni Islam) was particularly strong, and agreed a compromise peace in April 1917. British troops based in the deserts of Egypt fared rather better. Camel corps such as those shown in this photograph (belonging to the 2/7th Middlesex and 6th Royal Scots Battalions) played an important part in quelling the Senussi revolt there.
IWM Q 15691 (Apr 1916)
British camel corps
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