War in the air:
J C F Hopkins

On the intensified air attacks on German troops on the Western Front, March 1918.

Transcript: We attacked usually roads, sometimes railways - anything where we saw troop movement. But the principle target for attack just for the first few days was the Albert Bapaume road, or rather the Bapaume la Albert road on which the Germans were advancing rapidly and we simply concentrated on that. The weather it so happened was very fine, bright moonlight nights, we could see almost individual vehicles on the road and troops. And we just went straight out there, dropped as many bombs as we could - most of the bombs we used then were anti-personnel bombs as against the larger high explosives we used to use for buildings. We'd return as quickly as we could to our aerodrome and there would be intense activity loading up the machine filling up with petrol, oil, getting ready for the next show.

IWM 21/6
Reproduced by courtesy of the Imperial War Museum Sound Archive


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