Letter compaining about above poster
PRO HO 44/19, nos. 112-13

Dear Sir
inclosed I have sent you one of the second Batch of obnoxious papers which I am sorry to see posted up in Cambridge and seem to be permitted to remain unmolested by the authorities if I had been in power I would soon have ordered them down and prosecuted the author which I hope to hear punished for the same he is possesed of a handsome property at Chesterton one mile from Cambridge which I know very well which makes him saucy but sure our Laws will not tolerate such scandal against such as you and our Noble Premier who have done so much for the country I hope the Malt and Beer Tax will not be thrown of if it is and the Beer we shall have roiots [sic] I have no doubt ale only talks about Labour it is the small that does the work I well know and leads to no Violince [sic]


Saint Peters Street
1st Feb 1830
I have the Honor to Remain
Hon[ourab]le Sir your Ob[edien]t Hum[b]le Serv[ant]
David Wray Physician and Consulting Surgeon
N.B. I have heard many respectfull people say the duty of houses and windows would give more satisfaction as many grope in darkness in consequence but these matters I hope you will not deem illtimed by my information upon the subject I Love my King and I am convinced the country will be eased of all Burthons [burdens] as soon as the taxes can be spared


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