Trade union delegation ignored, 1830
PRO HO 44/23

My Lord/
The cool & very degrading manner in which the truly anxious exertions of the humble but meritorious Members of the Several trades in London were received at Court this day CAN NEVER be effaced from our memories, as being in every respect so totally in opposition to the declared sentiments of S[i]r R[ober]t Peel that he wo[ul]d answer for our kind reception & we in addition having foolishly anticipated the happiness of seeing our Sovereign Face, in both which fond hopes we have been most miserably disappointed (the great & useless expense & serious loss of time being a minor Consideration) but we at the same time most unanimously state our Conviction that a deputation from Mr. Hunts Partizans would have been received with more attention & wo[ul]d not have been so unceremoniously dismissed (after being very uselessly detained in the Wet and Cold for upwards of two hours) with the cheerless and heartless message that "there was no Answer".

Your Lordships humble Serv[an]ts
52 Influential Members
of a body of 40,000 Artizans

8. Decr. 1830


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