Prison inspector's report on Lovell
PRO HO 20/10, p. 4

Prison, in which undergoing Sentence. General Penitentiary Milbank. (since 28 Feb 1840)
Name and Age John Lovell - aged 42.
Married or Single - Number of Children. Married. no children.
Religious Persuasion Church of England.
Instruction Attended a Sunday School a considerable time - can read well and write a little - Was a Sunday-school Teacher for 8 years, which he gave up when he became a Chartist.
Profession or Trade Gardener.
Condition in Life, and means of Subsistence. Was born and brought up at Chipping Warden Northamptonshire was apprenticed to a Gardiner and Florist - worked as a Gardiner for Gentlemen until the last six Years, during which he has rented some ground at Newport and sold Vegetables.
Offence. High Treason - was present at and engaged in the attack upon the Westgate at Newport.
Sentence, and Date and Place of Conviction. Death commuted to Trans.[portation] for Life, and again to five years Imp.[risonment] in the Penitentiary - He was convicted before the Monmouth Special Comm[issio]n. 10 Dec 1839-
Length of Imprisonment before Trial. Thirty five days.
Expiration of Sentence

9th Decemb r 1844.

Ordinary Diet of the Prisoners' Class to which Prisoner belongs. Breakfast 1 pint Gruel - 1/2lb. bread - Dinner four days 5 oz. meat 1 lb. potatoes, 1/2 lb bread - two days 2 oz. cheese 1 lb bread. One day 1 1/2 pints soup 1 lb. potatoes 1/2 lb. bread. Supper - four days 1 pint Gruel 1/2 lb bread. Three days, 1 pint broth 1/2 lb bread.
Extra Diet, when allowed Extra diet when sick, whatever the Surgeon may order.
General Treatment The ordinary discipline of the Penitentiary - Is employed as a Tailor -
Present and ordinary State
of Health - if predisposed to Chronic Disease, effect of Imprisonment.
Good. No chronic disease - bears the imprisonment without any apparent bad effects.
Conduct in Prison Good
Observations of the Inspector on the foregoing Case.
Lovell was present at the attack on the Westgate armed with a Musket - was shot thro' the Thigh. A Letter has been received from the Rev. James Francis of Newport, stating that Lovell's garden will be kept for him and that he will be able to maintain himself by its cultivation. He was earning a very comfortable subsistence when he was taken.
(signed) Whitworth Russell
Insp[ecto]r of Prisons - 4 Nov 1840.

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