National Land Company register, 1847
PRO BT 41/474/2659, Part 1

(Continuation of Sheet F.)
7. - The Names, &c., of the Subscribers to the National
Land Company.
Serial Number.
Occupation, Rank, or usual Title.
Place of Business
(if any.)

Place of Residence,
(as the Street, Square, or Place, and No. of the House.)

Reference to Return of subsequent Changes by Death, Marriage, &c.
  Linwood, George Labourer   Toll Cross, Glasgow  
  Law, George Weaver   12 Reed Str, ditto  
  Logan, William Tailor   Irvan, Ayreshire  
  Laird, William, Junr Labourer   Calvin Dock, Glasgow  
  Lang, Duncan Shoemaker   19 Dunders Rd, ditto  
  Linsay, William Glasscutter   100 Stobcross St, ditto  
  Levenson, Louis Weaver   Weaver St, Soho St, ditto  
  Lement, Alexander ditto   Gallow Gate, ditto  
  Leigh, James Woolcomber   Jordon St, Buckfastleigh, Devon  
  Leigh, William ditto   Lower Town, ditto, ditto  
  Luckraft, Philip ditto   Dan Prior, ditto, ditto  
  Luke, William Labourer   Barnestelle, France  
  Learoyd, George        
  Lovell, John Gardiner   Cardiff Rd, Newport, Monmouthshire  
  Lance, Richard Tailor   York St, Gosport  
  Lewis, Mark Shoemaker   Farnham, ditto  
  Lommas, Thomas ditto   8 Hanover St, Criplegate  
  Lees, Samuel Spinner   Mossley, Lancashire  
  Lawson, John Grocer   Rosbottom St, Staley Bridge  
  Lees, John Stacker   Huddersfield Road, ditto  
  Lawson, James Overlooker   Vandrey St, ditto  
  Lawson, Jonathan Grocer

1 MAY. 1847

  Lawson, John Spinner Gas St, ditto  
  Lacey, James Carpenter Fallsgrand Nth, Scarbrough  
  Lister, John Butler Jermyn St, Hereford  
  Lansdeill, John Postman   Water Lane, ditto  
  Leffeviar,, Frederick Cordwainer   3 Thomas St, Old Kent Rd, London  
  Langham, William Stockinger   10 Russell Square, Leicester  
  Lithgow, John Weaver   18 Castle St, Paisley  
  Leitch, Alexander ditto   Livester Nth, ditto  
  Lucas, Jonathan Labourer   Coatbridge, Glasgow  
  Lawson, John Carrier   Hyde Lane, Hyde  
  Livery, John Overlooker   27 Rank Top, Blackburn, Lancashire  
  Lupton, John ditto   11 Richard St, ditto ditto  
  Lever, William Weaver   8 Chapel St, ditto  
        Thomas Martin Wheeler Signature.

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