Combating radical ideas, October 1793
PRO HO 42/26, no. 701

Instituted the 10th of OCTOBER, 1793;
At the NEW CROWN, in BLACKMAN STREET, Southwark.
Whereas we have seen with great concern, the RUIN and MISERY that now pervades every Province in FRANCE, in consequence of the REBELLIONS and TREASONS lately perpetrated there, and which had for their origin the usual pretext of a REFORM in the EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT of that devoted Country.
The ideas of LIBERTY and EQUALITY, were pleasing sounds to the ears of the less discerning and lower orders of the French Nation, which were so often and so successfully practised on them by the PRINCIPALS in that INFERNAL CONSPIRACY, that in the end, those deluded People were led insensibly to commit RAPINE, ROBBERY and MURDER; and to complete the measure of their wickedness, to glut themselves with the BLOOD of their SOVEREIGN.
Those Despots in power, according to their Levelling Plan, next proceeded to destroy and annihilate every Species of Commerce, Trade, and Property, (the sole support and protection of all well-regulated Governments upon the face of the Earth,) those REGICIDES are now amusing themselves with the LIBERTY of cutting each others Throats, an employment worthy of a people who not only sacrificed their KING, but have also openly declared War against their GOD, by defiling and profaning his Temples and murdering such of the Clergy as have unfortunately fell into their hands; many of those persecuted and distressed Persons have escaped to this Country, and to the territories of other hospitable Nations, where they are not only protected, but liberally provided for, from the voluntary Contributions of the Public.
The English Government hath for ages been the admiration of all Europe, its Constitution being so happily founded in Wisdom, Justice, Equity, and Humanity, that from the Influence, Purity, and Mildness of its Laws, the Prince and the Peasant enjoy equally the Protection of this invaluable Blessing.
The French Nation in particular, hath, from time immemorial, looked upon England, as the only Nation that enjoys pure and genuine Liberty, with envy and disgust; and at this time they not only threaten, but have actually, by their Agents and Emissaries, endeavoured to introduce and propagate their pernicious Doctrines, for the infamous purpose of exciting in this Country, the like state of Insurrection and Revolt.
Institutions, whether formed for the improvement of Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Trade, Agriculture, &c. are equally highly commendable, and we trust that the instituting at this juncture, a Society of LOYAL BRITONS, will not be thought less so, having solely for our Object, to aid and assist the Executive Government upon every occasion, and to discountenance, deter, and prevent, to the utmost of our Power, the circulation of Inflammatory Pamphlets, Papers, or Conversation; and finally, to lend our united assistance to hand down to the latest Posterity, our inestimable CONSTITUTION.
It is agreed, that the said SOCIETY shall hold their next MEETING on THURSDAY, the 24th Instant, and continue to meet every [other] Thursday [following ] in future.
[last sentence amended in handwriting].


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